Ambient Assisted Living

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favioo AAL - für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben

For a self-determined life!

Due to favioo AAL age is of no consequence anymore: due to innovative functions the daily life gets much more easier for older or handicapped people. How? It enables to centrally control blinds, temperature and light via an aoo without having to take one single step. But besides this luxury there is much more favioo AAL has to offer.

Help at the touch of a button

Daily routines can be externally monitored by nursing services or relations with favioo AAL. Motion detectors make this possible. An alarm gets triggered if there are any discrepancies, if the stove is unintendedly left on or if the front door is left open. Also, a call for help can be sent via app. Therefore, favioo AAL makes the wish come true to live independently and safely up to an old age in your own home.

favioo AAL - Hilfe auf Knopfdruck

favioo AAL at a glance:

Connection of people, living area and environment

Support for old and handicapped people in their everyday life

External monitoring of daily routines

Warning systems

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